Last week, I attended International CES 2014, a large electronics and technology tradeshow, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Every year presents something new and innovative, and it is always exciting to see what’s new and what lives up to the hype.

The biggest “thing” at CES every year (literally and figuratively) seems to be TVs. From 3D, to 8k, to this year’s much hyped curved TVs, they have certainly undergone many transformations since the bulky, often static-y boxes of twenty years ago. However, like the increasingly popular fitness bands, I do not see the appeal of curved TVs. They might be more suitable if I had curved walls or if the curvature of the screen actually lent something to image quality, but that is not so.

Samsung Curved TVs

50 Cent spoke with USA Today‘s Jefferson Graham at the CES Stage about his new SMS Audio Sport line.

USA Today's Jefferson Graham and 50 Cent

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to ride in a driverless car or BMW’s oddly-designed all-electric i3. However, Toyota did unveil the concept for their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle … and that’s something!

Toyota FCV concept

My knowledge of car mechanics is extremely limited, but I can appreciate good design. This one in particular is Audi’s Sport Quattro Laserlight concept. It might be the 700 horsepower it purportedly boasts, or its NVIDIA-powered display, but I think I appreciate the giant softbox lighting most.

Audi Sport quattro Laserlight concept

Parrot demonstrated another round of synchronized “dancing” with their AR.Drones, as well as showed off their MiniDrones and Jumping Sumos. Each product can be controlled through an iOS app and a few hand gestures. The AR.Drones and Jumping Sumos have cameras onboard for POV videos.

Parrot AR Drone Quadcopter

I love food, so I was extremely excited to hear that 3D Systems had the ChefJet, which prints out candy and chocolate. To my dismay, they had no samples to taste, but Hershey and 3D Systems have recently partnered to make 3D printed chocolate. Perhaps printable foods for the average consumer will be out sooner than we think!

3D Systems ChefJet

Honestly, I am a big fan of 3D printing in general, and believe it has immense potential. While it’s not quite there in terms of accessibility, it is already incredible how intricate the models can get. The guitar and keyboard below look laser cut!

3D Systems Guitar

Even Darth Maul admires his new appendages.

3D Systems Darth Maul

As I passed Nikon’s booth, a woman was speaking, who I later found out was one of Nikon’s ambassadors, Ami Vitale. She’s a photographer and filmmaker, who has also produced work for National Geographic, and spoke about NIKKOR glass, working in China with pandas, and her other photo experiences around the world.

Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale

The only thing I regret not seeking out this year was the new Oculus Rift Crystal Cove prototype. Though I am not jumping on the wearable technology bandwagon just yet, the idea of a more “realistic” gaming experience sounds like something out of an Ender’s Game simulation. Simply cool.